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The health & well being story

58% of consumers prefers healthier options as to not compromise on consumptions or occasions according to our Taste Tomorrow 2021 survey.

Here are three areas you might like to experiment with in order to offer healthier alternatives.

  • Add more fruit (and less of the rest). In Classic recipes that don’t contain fruit, add a fruit filling. In a Classic patisserie that already contains fruit, increase the fruit content by using one of our fruit fillings.
  • Make it clean(er) label. Consumers want to know the composition of their food and so are paying more attention to the product label. They prefer short, clean and clear labels, with mainly natural ingredients. And with ingredient names that they know or understand. This is something we can help you with.
  • Reducing sugar. Why not try our full range of sugar-reduced ingredients in which sugar is replaced with clean(er) label alternatives? You can reduce sugar content without making any compromise on texture or taste.

With science on our side, we continuously improve our product range, to be better and healthier. We increase the presence of power ingredients, like fruit, fiber,, in our products. We also strive to cut down the presence of ingredients, like salt, certain fats, and sugars. 

Discover our solutions to help you reinvent the classic in a more healthy way

Our Solutions to Reinvent the classic in a more healthy way

Our purpose is to move the planet forward by creating innovative food solutions for the Health & Well-Being of people everywhere

Every patisserie creation has a story to tell

This “Classic” in patisserie, is the starting points for reinventions and new stories thanks to unexpected texture combinations, sugar reduction, plant-based , with more fruit or more sustainable.

Click on the different links to discover more about the different stories that you can tell and our full patisserie product portfolio that will help you creating those strong stories.

The Classic

"The very best classic"


Visual Appeal


Ingredients Sourcing

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Every Patisserie Creation Has A Story to Tell

Today’s consumers are looking for authentic, delicious patisserie with exciting textures and flavors. At the same time – as our Taste Tomorrow research indicates – consumers are increasingly interested in the stories behind their favorite patisserie items. They are also keen to understand the impact that the food they eat has on their health and the planet.