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How about surprising your customers with imaginative re-inventions?

What about combining different Patisserie Classics to create a surprising new version? Let your creativity fly!

Play with different flavors, surprising textures, or maybe come up with a totally new and refreshing visual appearance.

Consumers may be more willing to experiment than you think : In our Taste Tomorrow Survey conducted in 2021,  60% of consumers polled expressed a willingness to try a new taste or combination of unusual tastes; a small but notable rise on previous years. 

Use our Patisserie portfolio to help you realize your ideas, to make your concepts concretes…

Discover our solutions to help you reinvent the classic in a more creative way

Our solutions to reinvent in a creative way



Smoobees are soft & smooth inclusions that bring a unique taste & texture experience in cakes and open a whole new world of possibilities



Deli is a top quality range of rich cream filling preparations that make good baking taste great.



Ready to use high-quality glazes, Miroir makes bavarois and mousses both shiny and attractive.



Mixture for the preparation of sponge & chiffon cakes. Gives your pastry a traditional taste and nice volume.

Fruit Fillings

Fruit Fillings

Discover how Puratos Fruit fillings allow to create tastier and healthier products. Our field to fork approach and local fruit origin stories are great enablers to re-invent indulgence.

Every patisserie creation has a story to tell

This “Classic” in patisserie, is the starting points for reinventions and new stories thanks to unexpected texture combinations, sugar reduction, plant-based , with more fruit or more sustainable.

Click on the different links to discover more about the different stories that you can tell and our full patisserie product portfolio that will help you creating those strong stories.

The Classic

"The very best classic"

Health & Well Being

More Fruits
Sugar Reduced
Clean(er) Label


Ingredients Sourcing

Discover our inspirations books with ideas on reinventions & stories around the creative story

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Every Patisserie Creation Has A Story to Tell

Today’s consumers are looking for authentic, delicious patisserie with exciting textures and flavors. At the same time – as our Taste Tomorrow research indicates – consumers are increasingly interested in the stories behind their favorite patisserie items. They are also keen to understand the impact that the food they eat has on their health and the planet.