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Surf the wave to unleash the tsunami

Rotislava Pavlova is Director of Puratos Southern Balkans and President of Bulgarian-Belgian Business Club. Puratos is a leading manufacturer of Bakery, Patisserie and Chocolate ingredients and solutions.

When does change become necessary?

We live in a constantly changing world, and it is change that is the new status quo.

What qualities are needed to manage change?

To feel that the wave will turn into a tsunami. Find allies among colleagues and customers, work hard and search for solutions while be ready for the big wave. And it can sink you, but it can also lift you up on your board like a virtuoso surfer.

What stimulates your creativity?

Joint projects that make our partners' businesses more successful. Quality products in the market and concepts that have a positive impact among consumers. Providing great customer experiences as a final goal while generating ideas all along the way. In one word – the energy!

How do you communicate change with your team and how do you turn it into a strategy?

Change is a process and usually decision-making is the result of pre-defined actions aligned with key people in the team. Of course, it should not be an objective in itself, but reflecting needs based on analysis and planning that will result in effectiveness. As for communication across wide range of people, I would draw a parallel with sales: the idea must be sold, and in order to sell, the sales person has to be convinced of the benefits. Once purchased, people show ownership towards the story and take responsibility for implementation. Discipline and persistence, despite the difficulties, make it a strategy.

What are the frameworks in your business (now) where you see the opportunity for change?

The increasing population of the planet, globalization and digitalization are key factors in shaping the new trends in the food industry: taste, health, craft, freshness, transparency, ultimate convenience, hyper personalization, next level experience and ethical lifestyle. As partners of the bakers, confectioners and chocolate makers in Bulgaria, we believe that we have the right solutions to meet consumers’ requirements.

Growth is not only measured financially, it is more important to have an influence in improving living standards

What does growth look like in your eyes and for the Puratos Group?

Growth is not measured by financial results only, it is more important to leave a footprint, positively influencing the standard of living and being socially responsible. This year we are investing in technology and equipment for the production of living sourdough. We believe that this will completely change the bread market in Bulgaria. Along with clean label solutions, we will revive traditions and work to preserve biodiversity. Last but not least, consumers will enjoy delicious bread.

Where Magic happens

We firmly believe that people with different backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, skills, perspectives and ideas create a stronger organization and that this leads to more innovation.

Discover Puratos' commitment to diversity and inclusion in our HR Brochure or browse through our open vacancies to join the Puratos Magic:  

This article was translated to English and was initially published in Forbes Bulgaria.