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Puratos Pledges Support To Eu Mission Soil Manifesto For Sustainable Agriculture

24 May 2023


Puratos, a global leader in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry, has taken a momentous step by signing the EU Mission Soil Manifesto. Joining the ranks of forward-thinking companies, Puratos showcases its commitment to sustainability and healthier soil. Puratos stands among the pioneers in the food industry to endorse this transformative initiative.

Understanding the critical importance of soil health, Puratos has been actively collaborating with farmers worldwide to improve soil farming practices. Through strategic investments in pilots, comprehensive training programs, and innovative tools, the Group continuously seeks to enhance its understanding of the best practices suited for specific seed varieties in diverse regions. 

Cooperating with Farmers for Improved Soil Farming Practices

By embracing regenerative agriculture methods, Puratos sets an industry-leading example. Notably, the company will incorporate selected rye and wheat varieties, cultivated through regenerative agriculture, in the production of its renowned sourdough. Puratos is also actively piloting regenerative practices for sugar beet in the production of its cake mixes. In cocoa bean production regions, such as Côte d'Ivoire and Vietnam, Puratos is initiating agro-forestry pilots. These projects focus on exploring the benefits of agro-forestry practices for sustainable cocoa production. Through that, Puratos not only supports sustainable cocoa production for its chocolate, but also contributes to environmental preservation and biodiversity conservation.

Partnership with GIZ and Digital Tools for Empowering Farmers

Puratos understands the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Through its partnership with The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), the company provides farmers with valuable training on agroforestry and regenerative practices. Furthermore, Puratos leverages digital tools to improve data capture and offer enhanced technical support, empowering farmers to make informed decisions and thrive in their practices.

Innovative Tool for Measuring and Reducing Environmental Footprint

In its relentless pursuit of sustainability, Puratos’s FoodTech Venture Arm, Sparkalis, has partnered with Glimpact that resulted in the development of GF Impact Join Venture, an innovative digital ecosystem to measure and reduce the overall environmental footprint along the sector supply chain. By utilizing the product environmental footprint (PEF) methodology, based on life cycle assessment (LCA), Puratos aims to minimize its environmental impact and foster sustainable practices.

Joining a Community of Pioneering Companies

By becoming a signatory of the EU Mission Soil Manifesto, Puratos joins a community of pioneering companies committed to soil health. Through this initiative, Puratos showcases its dedication to shaping a more sustainable future for the food industry.