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Working towards a more ethical supply chain

We commit to ensuring progressive and continued improvements in our sources of supply. The technical properties of palm oil make it an essential basic ingredient which enables us to supply customers and consumers with the high quality products they expect. Moreover, palm oil gives a yield per surface area five times higher than sunflower or rapeseed. But even if palm oil is an ideal basic ingredient for feeding growing populations, its production must be sustainable so that we can continue to use it in the future. Using sustainable palm oil will put an end to the current association between its cultivation and subsequent environmental damage, and less than optimal social practices amongst the communities where it is grown.

In 2010 Puratos decided to influence positively its supply chain by becoming a member of the RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil) which is the only system recognised internationally for the certification of palm oil. In belonging to this organisation, Puratos commits to cooperate with producers who respect the rights of smallholders, agricultural workers and their families and to preserve the tropical rain forests and other key areas that are important for biodiversity.

To find out more about RSPO, please visit the RSPO website.