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Since 2017 we have been promoting in Mexico our fruit fillings from Field to Fork, working directly with producers, promoting fair trade and economic stability for the local community and offering our customer products with great taste and texture; superior functionality and higher fruit content. Find out more in the video below. 

We started with 2 fruits: the pineapple from the Oaxaca region and the strawberries from the Michoacán region. We selected the best variety for our customer application in term of texture and taste while promoting the work of local fruit grower and developing the local community. Since then we have been extended the fruit range  and we are now sourcing blackberry from the Michoacán region, raspberry from the Jalisco region,  apple from the Puebla region, peach from the Mexico state region and mango from the Oaxaca region. We are expecting to develop further the program and add some more fruits in our porto folio.

Fruit From Field to Fork