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Durian is one of the famous tropical fruits in Southeast Asia, it is known as the king of all kinds of fruits

Puratos Indonesia is sourcing durians from Tigalingga, a village in northern Sumatra in Indonesia. Its beautiful rain forest climate is perfect to grow durians. 

Indonesia is one of the largest durian producers in the world. In 2018, durian exports increased by 1,084 metric tons. The Indonesian government develops systems and regulations to facilitate export licensing to deal with the global demand for this fruit.

This unique and delicious fruit is used in Vivafil Durian produced in Puratos Indonesia. What makes the Tigalingga durian special is that it tastes sweet and thick. 

Local fruit sourcing and knowledge of our supply chain from Field to Fork has a positive impact on the quality of our fruit fillings and gives full transparency to both farmers and consumers. Puratos is developing the local communities by promoting the work of the local fruit growers. 

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