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Our People – Our Magic

At Puratos, we recognize that our success and ability to fulfill our promises are deeply rooted in the talent and dedication of our people. Our team embodies the “Puratos Magic”, an intangible force that encompasses qualities such as quality, ethics, vision, courage, passion and team spirit. It is the magic that guided us for the past 100 years and continues to propel us forward in a responsible and impactful manner. 

Health and Safety


The health, safety, and well-being of our employees are of utmost importance. We strive to create a workplace that is free from accidents and injuries. We constantly improve our health, safety, and well-being policies to ensure a secure and supportive environment across all our operations worldwide. Regular health check-ups, benefits, and health insurance for employees and their families demonstrate our dedication to their physical well-being and provide peace of mind.

Diversity and Inclusion


We are committed to creating a caring and inclusive working environment that embraces diversity and promotes personal development. We firmly believe that the diversity of our workforce is a valuable asset that drives innovation and enriches our business operations. We strive for greater diversity and inclusion at every level of our organization, where individuals are valued for their unique identities, perspectives, and contributions. By nurturing an inclusive culture, we foster engagement, collaboration, and innovation among our teams.

Learning and Development


We believe that continuous learning and development are crucial for the sustainable success of our employees. That's why since 2006, we established Puratos University, our own educational institution. Puratos University offers top-quality training on our products, technologies, functional capacities, and leadership skills. 

Through the Guild learning program, we foster a culture of expertise and knowledge-sharing, building world-class proficiency in bakery, patisserie, and chocolate expertise.

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Better Life

Puratos will always put its people first. We balance innovation with tradition to ensure superior quality that never compromises our values and go above and beyond to share our success with those who walk with us along the way.


We work in harmony with the communities we are a part of: we aim to ensure safe and stable revenue for farmers around the world and invest in providing life-changing, educational opportunities in our Bakery Schools.


Baking and chocolate making are among mankind’s oldest and most valued skills. We take great pride in preserving this heritage.