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Answer the clean label demand with Intens Soft & Fine

Cleaner Label. Cost efficient. Perfect soft texture


Intens Soft & Fine is an enzyme-based improver which mimics the attributes of mono- and diglycerides (E471) in the recipe.  It gives initial softness, finer & whiter crumb, longer softness during shelf life when producing soft bakery items like toast breads, hamburger buns, brioche, panettone, LSL croissants, donuts and many more.

In the Hunan Forest, known for its quartz-sandstone rock formations surrounded by countless green trees and misty clouds, scientists discovered a new generation of enzymes. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down plant material into soft, moist elements that liberate nutrients which then nourish new life. Our latest innovation, Intens Soft & Fine was developed with this robust enzyme.

Intens Soft & Fine can be used with all different types of fat (butter, milk, margarine, oils, … ) without off-flavour. This solution can be used in improvers and mixes, to be applied in all different kinds of soft breads. 

It answers the clean label needs and offers a cost-efficient solution to alternatives in the market like lipases, full fat soy flour and monoglycerides.

Product benefits :


  • Cost efficiency 
  • Clean(er) label : create shorter and cleaner ingredient lists
  • Alternative to emulsifiers such as monoglycerides, GMS
  • Improved softness and finer crumb structure at a more competitive cost.
  • Diminish the exposure to the cost and price fluctuations of emulsifiers.
  • Excellent soft texture.

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