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Valentine's Cake

1 Feb 2019


Built in a ring of 10 cm diameter, this Valentine's cake is composed of mousse, insert and crunch. Your customers will slice into this delicious cake to reveal the raspberry and chocolate heart running through the middle. A crunchy trip down romantic lane!



  • 500 g of Puratos Tegral Satin Crème Cake Belgian Chocolate
  • 175 g of whole eggs 
  • 150 g of oil 
  • 110 g of water 

Working method: 

  1. Mix all ingredients with a paddle for 5 min on slow/medium speed
  2. Spread full quantity on one tray
  3. Bake in deck oven at 180°C 10-12 min
  4. Let cool down and cut discs of 8 cm diameter for the insert
  5. Pipe a layer of Topfil Raspberry 60% on top. 
  6. Freeze 20 g cake/cake, 45 g Topfil/cake

Fruit filling


  • Q.S. of Puratos Topfil Raspberry 60%

Chocolate mousse


  • 160 g of milk 
  • 160 g of cream 
  • 60 g of egg yolk 
  • 290 g of Belcolade Noir Selection 
  • 230 g of fresh cream 35% 
  • 230 g of Puratos Passionata 

Working method:

  1. Heat milk, cream & yolk to 85°C
  2. Pour onto chocolates and mix
  3. At 35°C, fold in semi-whipped creams
  4. Prepare entremets with mousse & frozen inserts
  5. Leave 0,5 mm from the top
  6. 110 g/cake



  • Q.S. of PF Pralicrac Chocolait

Working method

  1. Spread on frozen mousse to fill the ring



  • Q.S. of Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter 
  • Q.S. of Red colorant (liposoluble) 

Working method:

  1. Melt cocoa butter and mix in colorant to desired intensity

Decorate with heart-shaped chocolate flakes and serve with a few raspberries!

More information about Topfil?

Topfil is a range of delicious fruit fillings made with fruit pieces for enhanced texture and visual appeal.

Eager to learn more? Visit our website or contact your local Puratos representative for more information!