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Three simple ways to boost your sales

20 Feb 2017


This article details three ways to increase your sales and impact positively your relationship with customers. They aim to open your mind to new ways of highlighting your business in your local area.

1. Promote special offers

Create and promote offers tailored to specific consumer groups in your neighbourhood that either live there or come there often, such as students, commuters, young mothers or elderly people. Try to cater to their specific needs. You can even adapt the offering during the course of the day to fulfil different needs. Promote a special (healthy) lunch deal on weekdays between 12 noon and 1 pm for school youth. Or try a 5+1 for free breakfast deal to reward customer loyalty. Want to grab the attention? Why not opt for sidewalk promos? It’s an old but proven method. Place a chalkboard on the sidewalk and advertise your daily specials. Continuously adapt and optimise your special offers based on customer feedback & sales results.

2. Show the magic

Many consumers are not aware of the blood, sweat, tears and love put into the making of their daily baked goods. Why not share a bit of the magic of the creation process of baking your tasty breads, fluffy pastries, yummy tarts or mouth-watering chocolates? Just like the open kitchen revolution that has been taking place in restaurants, we now see more and more bakeries opening up their oven, as it were. Without any need for further explanation, your customers will be convinced of the freshness of your products and your staffs’ skills. Not only that; it will adds to the sensory experience, as the irresistible aroma of baked goods triggers people to buy more. The ultimate way of sharing your magic is opening up completely and inviting your customers in to learn more about the art of baking bread through workshops, demonstrations or master classes.

3. Taste on the spot

Why not try a little sampling to help boost your sales? Offer your customers a bite-sized portion of the cheesecake you just baked, let them taste your latest innovation in pralines or a slice of your fresh-out-of-the-oven whole-grain bread. Make sure that the goods available for sampling are also abundantly available for sale. It’s crucial to attract your customers’ interest and to persuade them to buy your goods at the very same instant. This way, you will actively trigger classic impulse buying. This can also prove a perfect method for pre-testing new creations and it’s a good way to collect immediate, truthful feedback on new products or adapted recipes. Your customers will be delighted to share their opinion with you and will reward you if you not only listen to their feedback but act on it as well!

More can be done!

These 3 tips are a part of what you can invest in to take your bakery, patisserie or chocolate store to the next level. 

This will contribute to customer relationship while enabling you to adapt and increase your level of customer satisfaction.

Our Technical advisors, sales representatives and account managers are at your disposal for more information to make sure, we too, share a long term relationship and stay your reliable partners in innovation. 

Interested in how Puratos can help you increase your sales and improve your customer relationships? Don’t hesitate to contact your local representative.