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Puratos brings patisserie to the heart of every meal

When was the last time you had ‘three regular meals a day’ for a number of days in succession?

The reality is those days are over … the demands of modern life have created an eating culture where flexibility, immediate consumption, and variation are the name of the game. Our own TasteTomorrow research confirms this trend: more and more consumers want greater variety in their food, and most believe that food should be available everywhere at any time.

It’s the reason we’ve created a savoury concept to meet the demand and so give consumers innovative and differentiating, yet exciting variations of food. Our Puratos Savoury Concept takes several classic, well-known patisserie products, and gives them a twist by adding different savoury fillings and ingredients and using a NEW type of cake specially developed for this concept. It’s the perfect alternative to replace your daily sandwich, pizza or ready-to eat snack/meal from time to time.


The Savoury concept :

  • It’s the perfect snack for your morning break
  • Served with a fresh salad, it can be a tasty light lunch
  • In smaller portions, it can be delicious bite-sized aperitifs
  • For dinnertime, it can be an original meal when you want to share good times with family and friends. 

It’s a perfect opportunity to put savoury patisserie at the heart of every meal and to open up to new moments of consumption, and for you to boost your business. In the age of abundance, you need to go the extra mile and be prepared to be daring and bold.



Satin Savoury recipes