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How to make and pack crusty laminated pastry that stays fresh longer

Hygiene & food safety are nowadays top of mind. On a worldwide level, we see that consumers tend to go less often on a shopping trip and are piling up more. In that context, we will share a few tips and tricks on how you can optimize the freshness of your croissants in order to keep them nice and crispy for more than 12 hours, while being packed. Doing so, your customers will continue enjoying a great tasting product, freshly baked and prepacked for their safety.

Tips & tricks to extend the freshness of crusty laminated pastry

What can you do to give extra freshness to your laminated pastry? There are 3 main components that will influence this:

  1. Hygiene conditions
  2. Ingredients & recipe
  3. Packaging

1. Hygiene conditions

  • While hygiene standards are probably already part of your regular practices, it is an ideal time to strengthen (and keep) these practices. In this article we share some tips to making hygiene your bakery’s priority.

2. Ingredients & recipe

  • To increase the moistness of the crumb you can: Add 5 to 10% more incorporation fat; Replace part of your liquids by milk or whole eggs and use some inverted sugar; Select the right improver like our S500 to ensure the volume and crispiness.
  • Use a high quality lamination fat such as Mimetic to preserve the crispiness longer.
  • Increase the layering (1§, 27 or more) to make the structure of your croissant closer, and slow down the staling of your products.
  • Don’t forget to glaze the product for a nice appeal and select a glaze that doesn’t stick to your packaging like Sunset Glaze.

3. Packaging

  • Whatever type of product you are making, the quality of the packaging plays an important role. To keep the crispiness of your croissant, use a paper bag and leave it partially open to let the croissants breathe. Another option is to use perforated cardboard boxes or plastic clamshells. Also, avoid stacking the croissants so that they do not get crushed.

Finally, we suggest to spread the baking of your products during the day. This will ensure “fresh out of the oven” products all day long.

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