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Living local Sapore sourdough

17 Sep 2019



Puratos has the strong belief that the future of bread lies in its past. The authenticity, flavour complexity, and microbial flora of sourdough make it a key ingredient in the creation of rustic-style breads. To supply more customers with living, local sourdoughs, Puratos has invested in new sourdough productions. This year, Puratos Switzerland was the first to start local, organic sourdough production.

Growing demand for local, living sourdoughs

Sourdough is the most traditional bakery ingredient as it has been around for over 5,000 years. It involves fermenting flour with natural flora and water. Puratos uses a wide variety of flours, microorganisms and fermentation methods to develop its range of dried/ stabilized and living Sapore sourdoughs. Dried and stabilized Sapore sourdoughs offer bakers the opportunity to create breads with their own signature taste. The advantages of fresh, living Sapore sourdoughs go beyond taste. The presence of living microorganisms during the fermentation of the dough positively impacts the flavour complexity and the texture of the bread. Such living sourdoughs ferment bread through a mix of lactic bacteria and yeast, which offers certain additional nutritional advantages. 

The new sourdough production line enables Puratos to locally produce living Sapore sourdoughs, using local ingredients. This local approach results in sourdoughs that meet the consumer demands for authentic, local ingredients. Furthermore, local sourdough production sites enable Puratos to supply more customers through a cold-supply chain, and thereby meet the growing demand for living sourdoughs. 

Detecting local preferences: how does this work?

All over the world, consumers have different preferences regarding taste, texture, ingredients, etc. Using sourdoughs that are adapted to these local consumer preferences allows bakers to successfully introduce new breads, and grow their business. That’s why Puratos has different initiatives to detect local consumer preferences, like the Taste Tomorrow survey, the Sensobus and a laboratory for Sensory Analysis. These services are available for Puratos’ customers looking for specific, detailed insights.

Swiss sourdoughs

Puratos Switzerland has introduced six local sourdoughs, making it the first company on their home market to position a range of Swiss certified (IP-Swiss) and Swiss organic sourdoughs. Supporting the local economy, sourdoughs are made in collaboration with a local miller, using traditional variations of wholegrain (organic) flours. This new range of local Sapore sourdoughs was successfully launched at the FBK, Switzerland's biggest bakery show.

More local sourdough production sites to come

In line with Puratos’ strong belief that the future of bread lies in its past, there’s more local sourdoughs to come. The Swiss model will be replicated in other parts of the world to answer the worldwide growing demand for living sourdough. Join the tradition, create the future. 

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