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Less fat. Fewer calories. Same indulgence.

4 Jan 2021


Puratos clean(er) label fat reduction solutions help to make healthier sweet baked goods with no compromise on indulgence

More than ever, consumers globally are asking for healthier and better balanced products. In the meantime, the expectation of indulgence or taste remains. Faced with this demand, bakers worldwide are challenged to bring quality products that are both healthy and indulgent.

Being conscious about their food, consumers frequently read the nutritional and ingredient information on the label. While doing so, they mainly check the fat and calorie content (1). 

Yet, fat is a vital ingredient in bakery. It plays – amongst others - a crucial role for the volume of a baked good, in texture improvement (softness, short bite, crumb moistness and melting mouth feel) and in flavour. Consumers are well aware of this contradiction: soft sweet breads allow indulging moments, but  often contain high fat levels. 

With Puratos’ fat reduction solutions, we can help you to reduce fat while keeping an indulgent taste.

In the example below, we achieved a reduction of 44% on fat & 16% on calories by reducing the fat level in both the dough and in the filling!  Nutritional claims such as ‘reduced fat” and “reduced in saturated fat” are achieved. (2) 

Here is how we did it: 

Reducing fat while keeping an indulgent filling

In line with the needs of industry and end users, Puratos has added to its filling portfolio, the Cremfill Ultim range, an irresistible range of nut and chocolate fillings that please both customers and consumers. 

While industry players will appreciate Cremfill Ultim’s features, such as

  • freshness enhancer (we made sure that Cremfil Ultim stays soft and creamy throughout the shelf life so that the freshness of a finished product containing Cremfil Ultim is equal to the freshness after one week of products made with a fat-based filling)
  • clean(-er) label
  • easy to clean production lines

Consumers will appreciate

  • the enhanced nutritional profile: Cremfill Ultim contains 30% less fat and sugar than regular fat bases fillings
  • the intense chocolate and/or hazelnut taste
  • the rich and melting texture
  • the ultimate indulgence experience: a recent study  with the Sensobus® – Puratos’ unique mobile sensory analysis lab – shows consumers believe that the presence of fillings (and in particular chocolate-flavoured fillings), in patisserie products such as croissants, cakes and muffins, reinforces the indulgent perception of the snack.

Reducing fat in your sweet soft bakery items

Baked goods made with Puraslim have fewer calories and less (saturated) fat, while maintaining the same great texture. This innovative range of improvers and mixes increases the cost-efficiency of bread production while keeping baked goods outstandingly soft and fresh. Thanks to Puraslim, you can reduce up to 75%  fat in soft & sweet bread recipes.

Less fat, more savings

The reduction of the fat level helps to diminish the exposure to the price fluctuations of fat (butter, margarine and oils). With Puraslim, bakers can increase their yield management by adding more water. This can lead to a significant reduction in the total recipe cost. For instance, by reducing the fat content by 67 %  in the recipe of the “Puraslim bun” and by adding more water, a recipe cost reduction of 6% is achieved.

A texture praised by consumers

Consumer tests have proven that more consumers prefer the “Puraslim bun” with 50% fat reduction. (3)

Puratos fat reduction solutions are also available in clean(er) label version, for example with our latest innovation inspired by nature. If you would like to receive more information or a sample, do not hesitate to contact your local Puratos representative.

The best of both worlds

We can proudly say that combining Cremfil Ultim fillings and Puraslim bakery improvers and mixes represents one of the best examples of Puratos solutions. This synergy doesn’t compromise on taste or texture, and lowers fat and sugar intake, answering to both industry and consumer snacking demands of health, indulgence, freshness and convenience. 

 (1) Source: Puratos proprietary survey Taste Tomorrow 2019 with over 17 000 consumers over 40 countries

(2) Claims in accordance with the European legislation (EU) 1924/2006

(3) Consumer preference test in Italy with 320 consumers.