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Inspirators of the Instagram generation: who to follow?

26 Jun 2017


Of course, there is nothing like tasting and experiencing the real thing. But the internet makes it possible to follow chocolatiers from around the world and look for inspiration on our computers and smartphones. We selected some inspiratoers that are well worth following for a daily dose of inspiration.

Chocolate Canvas

Janice Wong

Janice Wong’s shop is based in Tokyo and her speciality is coloured chocolate. You can recognize her work by the marbled effects, great colour combinations and the geometric shapes of her chocolate treats.

number of followers: +29.7K

May the force be with you

Quentin Bailly 

Quentin Bailly is a world champion chocolatier. The creativity he expresses in his cakes, desserts and chocolate sculptures is inspired by Star Wars.

number of followers: +54.9K

Chocolate Revolutionary

David H. Chow

When an engineer becomes a pastry chef this is what can happen. With over ten years experience as pastry chef and chocolatier, David H. Chow creates impressive chocolate creations.  

number of followers: +23.5K

Everything chocolate

Amaury Guichon

Amaury Guichon is the spiritual father of amazing chocolate creations: chocolate flowers and cigars filled with Baileys crémeux, hazelnut crumble, milk chocolate mousse and soft vanilla caramel.

number of followers: +286K

Map chocolate co.


Map chocolate makes single-origin chocolate bars. The simple but sophisticated chocolate bars are wrapped in beautiful paper. The bars are made according to the bean-to-bar principle.

number of followers: +4K

Stick with me sweets

Susanna Yoon

Susanna Yoon has an eye for detail and she’s a perfectionist. Without a doubt her ‘Stick with me sweets’ shop is one of the best chocolate shops in New York. The inside of the chocolates is just as beautiful as the outside.

number of followers: +33.6K

Haute Chocolatier

Pierre Marcolini 

Pierre Marcolini creates beautiful chocolate Japanese anime dolls.

number of followers: +51.1K

Not so boring chocolates

Maggie Louise

Pineapples, flamingos and palm trees: Maggie Louise excels at making chocolate versions of everyday subjects. Or as Maggie Louise calls them: ‘chocolates with charisma’.

number of followers: +19.8K