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Inspirators of the Instagram-generation: who to follow?

17 May 2017


Of course, there is nothing like tasting and experiencing the real thing. But the internet makes it possible to follow bakers from around the world and look for inspiration on our computers and smartphones. We have selected some inspirators that are well worth following for a daily dose of inspiration. 

Loaf Likes


Maurizio is an artisanal bread baker and known for his blog ‘The perfect loaf’. He often details the process of baking with explanation on the techniques he uses for baking his perfect loafs.

number of followers: + 23,8K


Matteo Festo 

A natural interest in the fermentation process and a passion for bread baking are the foundation for Matteo Festo’s sourdough breads.

number of followers: + 24,8K

Bread Canvas

Guy Frenkel

Céor bread are organic and hand made breads. The presentation of the breads is just as impressive as its composition. The crust of his breads, is often decorated with prints of famous artworks. 

number of followers: +4K

Daily dose of sourdough

Nataša Djuric

Sourdough bread baker Nataša Djuric has a beautiful collection of pictures of her breads. Her blog won a national award for best culinary blog.

number of followers: +15,8K

Real Bread


Jenn is very passionate about bread. She works as a baker at Born and Bread Bake House. Enjoy all the gorgeous and delicious looking breads and croissants.

number of followers: +22K

Baker Hands

Tara Jensen 

Tara Jensen teaches people techniques to bake the best loafs. Other delicious stuff she bakes in her wood fired oven are croissants, flammkuchen and pies.

number of followers: +98,7K

Sourdough Mania

Anita Šumer

Anita Šumer is a home baker. The skills and art of sourdough baking she taught herself. She bakes her breads in different shapes, with different designs in the crust. You can almost smell the fresh baked loafs through your screen.

number of followers: +12K

Gluten Morgen

Ramon Garriga

Baking addict Ramon Carigga also named 'wheatboy' is specialised in baking pizza’s tortilla, sourdough and a lot more. He shows his baking skills in videos and pictures.

number of followers: 11,9K