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Inspirations of Instagram: who to follow?

14 Apr 2017


Of course, there is nothing like tasting and experiencing the real thing. But the internet makes it possible to follow patissiers from around the world and look for inspiration on our computers and smartphones. We have selected some inspirators that are well worth following for a daily dose of inspiration. 

When art meets patisserie

Ayako Kurkokowa

Her decoration skills are more than impressive and her cookies and cakes are pieces of art.

Number of followers: + 78K 

Colour bomb

Joakim Prat

You will find a virtual éclair heaven on the Instagram page of Joakim Prat. It is hard to stop scrolling trough his timeline. You will find lots of colourful inspiration for éclair decoration and flavours here.

Number of followers: + 33,3K

The sky is the limit

Emily Lael Aumiller

Emily Lael Aumiller, chef and owner of Brooklyn’s V & GF cake studio Lael Cakes, bakes sky-high cakes, which are decorated with eye for detail. She bakes stunning cakes which are also vegan and gluten free.

Number of followers: + 14,2K

Little Bakers

Matteo Stuchhi

His waffles, tiramisu and macaroons are the smallest pastry’s you will ever see. Matteo Stucchi is pastry chef by profession. The idea for creating a miniature world around dessert is his believe that the looks of a dessert are just as important as the taste.

Number of followers: + 105K

Space Macaroons

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé is known as the world’s best pastry chef of 2016 and master of the macaroon. His newsfeed will keep you updated on new flavour combinations. We recommend watching his animated 360° stories campaign.

Number of followers: + 245K

Sweets from Sweden

Linda Lomelino

Author of the cookbook My Sweet Kitchen and photographer Linda Lomelino discovered her passions for baking when cupcakes where a huge hype in Sweden. She studied photography in high school and found out that she liked making pictures of her baked goods.

Number of followers: + 753K

Cookies that make you smile

Holly Fox

Unicorns, pineapples, feathers, flamingo or jellyfish themed cookies: you name it and Holly Fox has a cookie version of it.

Number of followers: +207K

Pastry Designer

Daniel Roos

Daniel Roos gives a nice glimpse of his life as pastry designer on Instagram.

Number of followers: 152K

50 shades of pastel cake

Jyoti Nanra 

As the name suggest Jyoti Nanra from The Purple Cake decorates her cakes only in purple shades. Also cupcakes, donuts, macaroons and cookies can’t escape here urge to make the world a bid more pastel.

Number of followers: 125K

Political cakes


Some cakes have a message to cancer and some to Donald Trump. Lyndsay found a fun way to get her ideals out there. She also has a preference for making animal themed cakes.
Number of followers: + 80,8K

The van Gogh of cake decoration

Natasha Collins

What Natasha can do with paint and a pencil is amazing. She paints beautiful flower prints on cakes for weddings or other special occasions. Just scroll through her Instagram account and be amazed by here decoration skills.  
number of followers: +18,1K

Choux pastry from Russia with love

Aleksandr Donskov

This pastry chef from Russia makes the most beautiful choux pastries. Although it is not the only type of pastry treat he is good at. On his Instagram you will find plenty of inspiration on how you can make your choux pastry look more attractive.

Number of followers: +10,2K

Sweet fruits

Cedric Grolet

Pastry chef Cedric Grolet is the mastermind behind these amazingly composed pastry. His specialty is the treats that are inspired on real fruits, but the inside looks way more delicious then the real stuff.

Number of followers: +377K

Dessert champion

Frank Haasnoot
The Netherlands

Frank Haasnoot is world pastry champion and chef patissier at the renowned 5-star luxury Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Impressive chocolate sculptures, gorgeous cakes and coloured chocolates.
number of followers: + 222K