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How to embrace smaller portions?

23 May 2023

Do you know how many calories a regular muffin contains? 200 kcal, 300 kcal or even 500 kcal? A regular muffin can contain up to 500 kcal, which represents almost a quarter of our daily recommended calorie intake. While a healthy snack such as an apple is only 52 kcal per 100 grams.  

Here comes the dilemma, should you eat a muffin or should you eat a fruit? You should eat more fruit. But if we’re going to eat a muffin…you might as well opt for a healthier option!

In our Taste Tomorrow consumer survey, we have seen that smaller portions and healthy alternatives are equally preferred routes to a healthier diet. Indeed, one of the main ways that people can restrict calorie intake, after learning to avoid the highest-calorie foods, is to simply eat less. However, with many processed and pre-packaged foods coming in unit packages, eating ‘less’ of a bought-in sandwich or a dessert may result in leaving/wasting some of the food that was bought.

Supersizing has become normal sizing, and we forgot how we used to be satisfied with less.

Norms for serving sizes are not fixed and have grown over time. What was the standard measurement for a portion 20 years ago today has become much bigger without us realizing it. A study found the average portion size of bakery items such as croissants, doughnuts, or muffins, is three to four times greater now compared to the late 1990s.  

In the end, size matters! We at more when there is more and when not eaten, it gets wasted. This portion-size effect is neither obvious nor artifactual. People accept the portion that is served as being of an appropriate size and eat accordingly.

Portion downsizing, or how to satisfy your sugar craving with 150 delicious calories!

A shift is occurring, fueled not just by public health bodies but also by the growing health-conscious consumer base. Consumers increasingly seek bite-sized indulgence to satisfy sweet cravings without excess calories. Single-serve and smaller items help them feel better about their choices, providing built-in portion control and desired indulgence. 

Many consumers now expect manufacturers to facilitate portion control and improve packaging and labeling practices. For example, the world’s largest confectionery makers are already taking steps towards portion control.

So how much is enough and how much is too much? Finding the perfect balance is not an easy task. At Puratos, we embrace the smaller portion concept. With 100% indulgence, we go smaller, but not small. Together with technical advisors, we created for bakers, patissiers, chocolatiers and food manufacturers various finished goods' recipes that contain an ideal amount of calories for a snack, up to 150 delicious calories!

Inspired by the fact that every patisserie creation has a story to tell, we have created an ideal portion size. So now it is possible to try all four versions of the dessert, classic, creative, more sustainable and healthy, while consuming no more than 150 calories and have full satisfaction from your dessert without any guilt! 

Imagine, you are in a patisserie shop and you see all those amazing desserts but you can only eat one… And this is the great thing about the smaller portion concept. You don’t have to choose and you don’t feel guilty because you “again” eat too much. No more stress of choice, only more joy

Ymke Buelens - International Technical Advisor

We have also thought about an appropriate portion for other bakery, patisserie and chocolate items. Three different donuts? Belgian sugar waffle?  Wholewheat mini buns? Chocolate panning? You have it! 150 delicious calories, a good mood, and no guilt!

Join us! Bake for the health and well-being of people everywhere.

Get inspired by the recipes below and power a healthier and happier lifestyle with Puratos by your side.