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Get fast, real-time customer support through our Augmented Reality tool

Having fast access to the right support and expertise is crucial to keep your business going and this is where our Augmented Reality customer support tool “Digital AdvisAR” comes into play.

When a technical problem occurs, however complex it is, you want and need immediate access to the very best support and expertise to provide a fast and effective solution. Imagine that when you run into a problem, you can connect immediately with one of our experts through your smartphone, allowing an interactive 3D experience that combines a view of your situation via a camera of your smartphone combined with computer-generated elements. This Augmented Reality technology enables Puratos experts to see you in your workplace, watch you explain, and, importantly, show the problem you are experiencing. This way, they can provide immediate feedback and solve the problem together with you from a distance. There is no more waiting around for a specialist to come and provide assistance at the production line or give you written or phone advice and solutions.

Customer support is in our DNA

At Puratos, we are dedicated to our customers and determined to provide the best customer support. This is why we have used the revolutionary technology of Augmented Reality (AR) and launched a new “Digital AdvisAR” application that enables our customers to have access to in-the-moment, augmented (not virtual!) reality support from Puratos Technical Advisors. The Puratos Augmented Reality app can be downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop. When you have a problem, all you have to do is contact one of our Puratos Technical Advisors or application specialists through the “Digital AdvisAR” app. The app will immediately create a link through which you, the customer, get augmented reality support by using the camera on your device. This will reassure first-line technical support for bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers that is more precise but, above all, faster. One click and help is on hand from any of the 95 Puratos Innovation Centres, 600 Technical Advisors and specialists in 71 countries worldwide.

Immediate access to specific expertise around the world

This new Puratos Augmented Reality technology also provides immediate access to specific expertise around the world. Imagine that you are a customer in Belgium who needs to solve a problem with their donuts. Your Belgian Puratos Technical Advisors team can now connect you with the USA Puratos team, the donut experts. Using the HoloLens and its AR features, the experts can observe, analyse, troubleshoot your situation at the production line. They can then share their expertise to provide step-by-step guidance in real time to provide fast, effective diagnoses and solutions to your problems. It’s as if the technical advisor or expert is standing right alongside you, even though they are a few thousand miles away! 

How does it work?

Available in 6 countries

The AR technology and support has already been implemented in 6 countries: Austria, Brazil, France, Turkey and the USA. Puratos plans to extend this revolutionary service in all the other countries where it operates in the near future.