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Entremet Elpee

1 Sep 2021


This recipe is part of the Belcolade Live Demo, a series of webinars during which our Belcolade Chocolate Experts do not only share a recipe from A to Z but also answer live questions from participants.  Click here to know more about the upcoming Belcolade Live Demos and how to register.


For  4 cakes of 16 cm square and 4cm high

  • Crumble Crispy
  • Praliné Chocolate Creamy
  • Hazelnut Dacquoise
  • Vietnam 45 chocolate mousse
  • Chocolate Velvet Spray

1. Crumble Crispy


Mix the first 6 ingredient to obtain a homogenous crumbly dough. Put the crumble on a baking tray and bake it for about 14 minutes at 170°C with open dampers. Leave to cool down.

Melt the Vietnam chocolate to 40°C and add the baked crumble, the Crousticrepe and the PatisFrance Pralinor 55. Mix everything together with a spatula. Spread the composition out on a baking paper with a thickness of 3 mm. Put a layer on the bottom of the square of your entremets. Cut strips of 2 cm wide and put on each side of the metal square mould a strip of the crumble crispy. Leave to set in a fridge.

Pipe a layer of 3 mm PatisFrance Pralinor 55 on this crumble crispy and put a layer of the Hazelnut dacquoise on top.

2. Praliné Chocolate Creamy


Heat up the cream together with the egg yolks to 85°C and pour onto the Belcolade Origins Lait Vietnam 45 Cacao-Trace chocolate. Mix to obtain a ganache. Add the with water pre-soaked gelatine powder and mix. Add the PatisFrance Pralirex  Hazelnut and mix the creamy with an immersion blender. Leave to cool down till 35°C and pour 150 g of this Praliné chocolate creamy in each square and cover with another layer of hazelnut dacquoise.                                 

3. Hazelnut Dacquoise


Whip the egg whites until firm and add the sugar and whip again for about 4 minutes at medium speed. Sieve all the dry ingredients together. Incorporate the dry ingredients to the meringue by using a spatula. Spread out on 1 baking tray 40/60cm and bake the hazelnut dacquoise at 210°C for about 10 minutes with closed dampers. Leave to cool down.

4. Vietnam 45 Chocolate Mousse


Semi whip the 600 g cream and put aside. Soak the gelatine powder in cold water.

Boil the fresh cream and milk and pour on the agg yolks and heat this to 85°C. Pour  the anglaise on the chocolate and make an emulsion. Add the soaked gelatine. When the Ganache reaches 32°C incorporate the whipped Cream. Fill up the square moulds with this chocolate mousse and 4 circles of 1 cm high and 13cm diameter. Freeze it.


Melt and heat up both ingredients together to 45°C and spray the frozen entremets and the mousse circles. Decorate the entremets with decorations made out Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace.