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Egg Substitute Solutions

3 Aug 2015


The volatile market situation offers the opportunity to find out more about egg replacement solutions allowing you to gain peace of mind while ensuring cost savings.

The situation

Our industry continues to face new challenges every day. The outbreak of avian flu among egg-laying chickens has implied a considerable increase of egg prices. A constant supply of raw materials is paramount to manufacturing and supplying a quality product to a demanding consumer base who's loyalty depends on a supply of consistent quality products.

Find the egg substitutes that meets your needs

Puratos Egg Replacement Solutions, Sunset Glaze and Intens Egg replacement, can help alleviate short term supply issues and solve long term challenges as well. Egg replacement solutions can fully or partially replace eggs in your recipe, depending on the percentage of eggs and type of finished application. 

Our solutions are based on the latest enzyme technologies as well as expertise in ingredient synergies that fit specific applications for the highest quality performance.

Eggs are an important component in bakery.

Thanks to their specific composition (emulsifiers, proteins), they ensure good stability to the product and play a role in effecting the texture. They provide structure to a product with good volume and also contribute to the freshness of the finished good. 

The role of eggs in chemically leavened sweet goods and yeast raised bakery products require different treatment, and therefore we have different products to meet your needs.  

Each of our solutions aims at ensuring volume, texture attributes and taste.

Looking for the right egg replacement solution that fits your final application? Contact your local representative to exchange and fix a meeting.