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Breads of the world: the Dutch krentenbol

6 May 2017

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Bread is eaten all over the world. But with different eating habits, taste preferences and available ingredients, almost every region has its own specific bread specialty. Puratos travels around the globe, discovering the deliciousness of local authentic breads. This time we uncover the secret of a typical Dutch treat: the krentenbol.

A delicious Dutch bun

A krentenbol is a delicious Dutch bun with raisins as the main ingredient. By adding a small amount of lemon peel, the krentenbol gets a specific taste that makes it different from other raisin breads. The krentenbol is perfect as a take away snack, but the Dutch also consume it for breakfast, lunch or Sunday brunch. Some people fill the bun with butter, cheese or butter and sugar. But since krentenbollen are very tasteful, most people eat them plain. Easy does it!

Discovered by Dutch explorers
The Dutch were great explorers of the world, and it was during one of their stops around the globe that they discovered the existence of raisins. Once brought back to the Netherlands, these raisins inspired bakers to develop new ideas. One of the most successful ideas was a little bun containing raisins along with a small amount of lemon peel: the krentenbol as it’s known today.

Do it yourself

Thanks to a close collaboration with specialist bakers in the Netherlands, you can easily create krentenbollen as if they were made in Holland.

All you need is the Tegral Krentenbollen mix that contains:

  • The latest Soft’r technology to achieve the right texture and longer lasting freshness.
  • The real lemon and orange flavours to provide the original Dutch taste and flavour.

Expand your range of products by adding authentic breads like the krentenbol. With the Tegral Krentenbollen mix you can skip the laborious preparation and benefit from convenience. It’s easy to store and guarantees a constant quality of the final product.

More about Breads of the world

Travel around the world and discover a wide variety of delicious, authentic breads. Each bread has its own story, a special taste and a traditional way of preparation. Puratos brings these authentic and local breads with clear, easy-to-follow recipe instructions to guarantee the perfect result time and again to bakers and consumers all over the world. Discover our Breads of the world range by contacting your local Puratos representative.