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Breads of the world: the American bagel

26 Mar 2017

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This time we dive deeper into a typical American bread classic: the bagel.

Bread is eaten all over the world, but in many different ways. Almost every region has its own specific bread speciality and eating habits. That is why Puratos travels around the globe on the lookout to discover the deliciousness of local authentic breads. This time we dive deeper into a typical American bread classic: the bagel.

A bagel is a dense and chewy bread item with a browned and sometimes crisp exterior in the shape of a ring. It is first boiled for a short time in water and then baked. The bagel is low in fat and ideal for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. As breakfast item it is often consumed with cream cheese or jam or even with round sausage and egg. Bagels are available in both sweet and savoury varieties, like blueberry or onion and cheese. To improve the taste the bagel can be baked with spices and herbs such as poppy seeds, sesame, garlic, salt flakes or onion. When served for lunch bagels are often eaten as sandwiches with meat.

A token of gratitude

Legend has it that a Jewish baker in Vienna invented bagels in 1683. It was a bread created in the form of a stirrup, made especially for King Johan Sobieski of Poland - a particularly renowned horseman - as a token of gratitude for saving the city from Turkish invaders. The name 'bagel' stems from the Austrian word for stirrup ‘beugel’ and the Yiddish term ‘beygel’ which means to bend. Over time, the shape evolved into a circle with a hole in the centre. Bagels were particularly popular in Jewish communities all over Europe and so it moved with them when they immigrated to America in the early 20th century.

Do it yourself

Thanks to our close collaboration with specialist bakers in the USA, you can now easily create the bagel that Americans have grown so fond of over the years.

All you need is the Tegral Bagel mix that contains:

  • Sapore: a range of traditional, fermented sourdoughs that will enhance the authentic taste and flavour.
  • Innovative improver technology: to achieve the right chewiness and the perfect crumb structure as the New York-style bagels.

Increase the range of products in your display without laborious preparation. Benefit from convenience as the Tegral Bagel mix is easy to store and guarantees a constant quality of the final product. 

More about Breads of the world

Travel around the world and discover a wide variety of delicious, authentic breads. 

Each bread has its own story, a special taste and a traditional way of preparation. Puratos brings these authentic and local breads with clear, easy-to-follow recipe instructions to guarantee the perfect result time and again to bakers and consumers all over the world. Discover our Breads of the world range by contacting your local Puratos representative.