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Breads of the world - Concha

6 Oct 2015


Concha is a sweet bread with a very crunchy and sweet covering. Usually the outer layer is moulded to be in the shape of a shell, and it is often flavoured with chocolate or vanilla. Thanks to a close collaboration with specialist bakers in Mexico, you can easily create the Concha as if it was made over there. All you need is the Tegral Concha mix that contains The latest improver technology to achieve the right texture and a longer lasting freshness and the typical Mexican touch that will enhance the original taste and flavour.

Ingredients (%)

Dough ingredients (%)

  • 100 % of Tegral Concha  
  • 8% of water 
  • 0,7% of Osmotolerant dry yeast 
  • 19% of Aristo Pan
  • 34,5 of eggs 

Dough total wait : 1622g 

Decoration ingredients (g)

  • 250g og Ariba Shortening (at 20°C) 
  • 300 g of flour 
  • 250g of Icing sugar

Working method


Mixing phase 1: 

  • Mix Tegral Concha with the eggs, yeast and 40 g of water.
  • Mix 2 min. slow and 10 min. fast.

Mixing phase 2: 

  • Add the Aristo Pan and the rest of the water and mix 10 min. fast.

Dough temperature: 28°C.

Bulk fermentation: 

  • Put on an oiled tray and fold. Let rest for 30 min.
  • Fold again and let rest another 15 min.

Make up:

Scale:  60 g.

Intermediate proof:  5 min.

Make up: 

  • Make round. Put 12 pieces on a tray of 60 x 40 cm. Grease pieces of dough with oil and flatten down. 
  • Place the decoration dough on top (approximately 20 g/bun) and spread. 
  • Put the incisions with the special “Concha” cutter.

Final fermentation: 60 min. - 35°C - 70% R.H.


Oven temperature: 180°C

Baking time: 16-20 min. in rotary oven or 22-25 min in deck oven.

You can add colour to your decoration dough. Use for example yellow colour, cocoa powder or others as you like to obtain a coloured Concha.

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