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A memorable week in the life of TA Wim de Smet

25 Oct 2017


After running his own bakery and patisserie shop for 17 years, Wim de Smet was looking for ways to share his patisserie knowledge. He applied at Puratos two years ago and became International Technical Advisor for Patisserie. He now travels the world and organises photoshoots, develops new recipes and trains customers and colleagues to work with Puratos products. Wim captured one of his most memorable weeks on the road in photos.

The responsibilities of a TA for Patisserie

Wim is Puratos’ foremost worldwide specialist in Fine and Patisserie Cake items. His focus is on Carat & Vegetable Cream. In addition, he’s the Puratos expert for Deli Cheesecake & Fruit Fillings. “In a ‘normal’ working week, when I don’t travel, I work on new fillings and new recipes. I look for trends and inspiration, prepare concepts and discuss the results with colleagues. Once we agree on a final version, I arrange photoshoots to create step-by-steps that help our customers use our products and create the recipe themselves. I also give workshops for customers visiting our Innovation Center and liaise with my colleagues around the world to prepare my own visits to their countries.”

Wim’s job requires a lot of travelling. Some years he travels four weeks, other years twelve. His destinations vary from Berlin and Paris to China and Senegal. In late 2016 he spent a memorable week in Hong Kong. 

Patisserie exhibition in Hong Kong

“I started this week at the Puratos Hong Kong headquarters. Luckily I’m not afraid of heights, as I spent a few days on the 18th floor preparing for a patisserie exhibition.”

Wim gave two patisserie demos on the main stage of the exhibition, based on Belcolade Origin. At the end of the demos he took some selfies with the impressive audience. 

Food pairing

The patisserie exhibition lasted three days. In addition to the demonstrations on the main stage, demos were also held at the Puratos stand three times a day. Each of them unveiled two different recipes with Origin chocolate based on food pairing in patisserie. The food pairing experience was an overwhelming success. The audience was really enthusiastic about our chocolate finger cup with a dressing of seasoned creams and herbs.

Closing ceremony

After every demonstration it was ‘picture time’. And at the end of the patisserie exhibition a closing ceremony was held with all the participating chefs. It included a traditional dragon dance with the ghoul, that you could touch for good luck.

“Right after the ceremony, it was time to clean up, rush back to the hotel, check out and head for the airport for the 12 hour flight home. Time to rest and sleep!”  

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