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A healthy cake recipe for your sweet tooth craving!

18 Nov 2020


The current pandemic has amplified consumers search for healthier ingredients in their food products that help them maintain good health & wellbeing. While consumers are becoming more conscious of their food intake, they are still looking out to indulge their sweet tooth and snack on health food products.

In the light of this awakening, we think healthy snacking is the future of snacks! Cakes have always been a favorite for all of us, but consumers have been hesitating to indulge in their sweet tooth craving owing to the high sugar levels and other such ingredients that could turn out to be deterrents to their immune system. But, what if we told you that we have a solution for your sweet tooth craving?

Our patisserie experts have worked around a cake recipe that focuses on 3 elements that help to enhance the health level of the cake -

1. Sugar Reduced

Owing to the rising sugar consumption figures, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the long term risks when it comes to excessive sugar consumption. Our Taste for Tomorrow survey indicated that 47% of the interviewed consumers pay more attention on the sugar level  of the products in the ingredient list as compared to the rest of the ingredients. Puratos began development on these solutions several years ago. These first generation products were based on polyols. These products were, however, just the beginning.

Now, we’ve taken it one step further. We also improve the overall nutritional value.  To do this, there are 4 sugar replacement alternatives to choose from:

After reviewing the options, Puratos’ Research & Development team chose to base our reformulation exercises on natural fibers. Our second generation of sugar reduced solutions combines the “sugar reduced” claim (30% less sugar than reference product) with the “source of fiber” claim. This helps consumers not only reduce their intake of sugar, but also increase the intake of an often under consumed, but extremely healthy ingredient such as fibers. And often to consumer’s surprise, there is no compromise on taste or texture.

2. Contains more fruits

The inclusion of fruits in patisserie not only enhances the tastiness of the product, but also the healthiness. Consumers perceive fruit fillings as a healthy option, which makes recipes with a fruit filling more favorable by them. In this recipe, our patisserie chef has used Vivafil Apricot 30% sugar reduced as it was combining a great taste of apricot and the texture of a jam. In addition to this, it reduces the amount of added sugar and improves the freshness of the product.

3. Contains more grains

In addition to fruits, wholegrain is also being regarded as an healthier and tastier option by our consumers. With this in mind, our cake recipe uses Easy Acti Wholegrain Cake SR which helps in making the cake recipe healthier. 

Dim Sum cake Recipe

1. Ingredients

Working Method

  • Mix all ingredients for 2 min at low speed and 2 min at medium speed

2. Filling - Ingredients

Working Method

  • Spray Spraylix in a Dim Sum silicon mould to stick a layer of chia seeds into the mould.
  • Pipe 45 grams of batter inside and 6 grams of filling.
  • Bake for 25 min at 180 Degree Celcius. 

We at Puratos, have also been working on similar solutions in addition to our health & wellbeing cakes category, to enhance your healthy eating habits, click on the links below to explore!