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A b(r)unch of inspiration for your customers

Innovation Center

12 Sep 2019

Brunch… we guess you love it too? Spending quality time with friends and family around a table full of delicious food is a long existing tradition. 

Today, brunch is the new black. We can see more and more restaurants and coffee shops proposing brunch but most of all, people are organizing brunches at home.
Indeed, in the US - a major influencer on brunch culture – more than 30% of brunch eaters find it more convenient to eat brunch at home rather than out of home (Mintel, march 2018).

Brunch, a golden opportunity

At Puratos, we believe that brunch is a golden opportunity for bakers and patissiers to delight consumers. Indeed, bakers/patissiers, are perfectly placed to inspire their end-consumers with delicious and easy products for their next special brunch!

 We want to help bakers and patissiers in delivering a “brunchy” message to their customers and as well help them to differentiate by creating dedicated products for brunch. Think about shareable, very tasty, sweet and savoury items such as a Pearilicious cake or mini-hamburgers

For the baker, it is the opportunity to sell smaller items with a higher margin but also to be totally in line with consumers’ trends. And for the consumer, how convenient is it to find all the food he or she needs to organize a brunch in one place? And to impress their guests with creative and yummy food? That is where the strength of the local baker/patissier lies!

We can help you

Puratos can help you surf on the brunch-wave. We created a whole set of new recipes and several other tools to impress your customers. Brunch recipes, checklist, content for your social media, poster, wobblers : contact us to discover them!

Contact us for more information about the concept.