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7 tips to ride on the Health & Well-Being wave and grow the sales of your bakery


The coronavirus outbreak has had a profound impact on consumers, changing how they live, what they eat, and how they purchase. Now, more than ever, consumers across the globe are getting more conscious about their health. And in a healthy lifestyle, healthy food plays a crucial part. 

What is a healthy product, according to consumers? In the 2019 survey this was mainly about removing ingredients: less sugar, less fat, less salt. Today, healthiness has evolved. It’s now simultaneously about removing undesirable ingredients and adding so-called power ingredients that are considered to be both healthy and tasty. Based on the insights coming from our always-on global research program, Taste Tomorrow, we know that consumers worldwide are looking for cakes with more fruits, less sugar and less fat, as well as breads with more grains and a higher fibre content. This reinforces pre-existing trends observed before the crisis. 

For bakers, this creates an opportunity to leverage this trend, which implies the need to reconsider product offer and production processes. While some might think that answering this consumer trend requires a deep understanding of human nutrition, we gladly share a few tips that would help you in this journey:

Add grains

According to our Taste Tomorrow survey, 60% of consumers believe that adding ingredients such as wholegrain to food makes it healthier, while more than 30% even look for grains on the ingredient list. Breads that are high in fibre and rich in grains are considered as the #1 healthy baked good. Consumer understanding of healthy benefits associated with eating wholegrains is undeniable. What more, grains add extra flavour and texture to bakery goods. Why not add grain to your sweet baked goods such as muffins and croissants?

Add fruit

While health is of growing importance for consumers worldwide, it should never be at the expense of taste. Consumers want products that are both tasty and healthy for them. Even in the times of ‘new normal’, 67% of consumers tend to buy more small indulgent treats despite the difficult financial times. We believe that adding fruits to your bakery products is the answer and the sweet spot. Consumers know fruit is good for them and 76% believe that fruit filings bring sweet goods and pastries to a healthier level.  Add an extra dollop of fruit to that cake or pie and turn it into a permissible indulgence.


Consumers want transparency from field to fork. More than ever before, they want to be informed not only about a product and its ingredients, consumers are genuinely interested in where you get your ingridients, how you make your products and which techniques you use along the way. So be open about the ingredients you are using and share your true craftmanship! 

Senior Latin American couple buying bread at the bakery wearing facemasks during the COVID-19 pandemic - reopening of businesses

Sourdough bread

We see consumers everywhere enjoying wholesome staple foods like bread during the crisis. The trends report suggests there’s been a 5-fold increase in Google search for the term "sourdough" since the beginning of pandemic. Consumer are rediscovering sourdough bread for various reason: not only does it taste great, but it is also considered to be healthier. Do you already have a sourdough bread in your portfolio?

Smaller Portions

Health is not only about adding or removing ingredients, it’s also about one’s emotional well-being. Offer smaller portion or mini-portions of your popular sweet goods as a perfect remedy for feeling down. This way consumers do not have to deprive themselves from their indulgent moments!


During the first Covid-19 lockdown, IPSOS interviewed 28,000 people worldwide: 79% of those consumers stated they will seek out products that are healthier and better for the environment. This makes plant-based alternatives the solution to their wishes.  Adding and highlighting your plant-based baked goods will be a great response to this trend.


An increasing number of consumers plan to shop for their baked goods at an artisan bakery. Artisan stores are considered the most trusted shopping location for hygiene and food safety. It is important your customers know that you have healthier options available in your store. Let them know which of the baked goods are bursting with grains, let your customer know that you only work with the best and most simple ingredients, that you use some extra fruit to allow for permissible indulgence. There are a few ways of doing so: 

  • Communicate on your social media and in your store that you want to contribute to your customers health and well-being without compromising on the great taste and overall quality of your baked goods.
  • Add a simple note to certain products that are bursting with grains or some extra fruit in the recipe. Don’t be afraid of highlighting those baked goods that are better-for-you.
  • Make clear which items are plant-based with a wobbler or a small note.
  • Highlight those better-for-you products on your website and social media. They deserve some extra attention. 

People around the world strive to live healthier. That is why at Puratos we strive to innovate to offer healthier solutions every day and support bakers in doing the same. Together with you, we can make a bigger impact.

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