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10 tips to boost your patisserie business


4 Jun 2019

The interest in patisserie is growing. No wonder, as it is very versatile. In lunchrooms and restaurants, it can lead to extra turnover. Plus, it is highly instagrammable, which is also of growing importance these days. What’s the impact of this trend on artisanal patissiers? Can you benefit from the trend? Francis D’Hoore, Puratos’ Group Channel Director for Artisans & Distributors, tells you all about trends in patisserie and gives you 10 tips on how to boost your artisanal patisserie business.

The increasing popularity of patisserie

Patisserie is hot these days. Francis D’Hoore travels around the world for Puratos and recognises this trend on every continent. While regional preferences definitely exist, the growing popularity is common. Francis: “At this moment, a lot is happening simultaneously. In China for example, high end patisserie is growing very fast. In Europe, traditional patisserie is still growing, but savoury applications are becoming more and more important. On a global level there’s blurring between patisserie, sweet goods and sweet bread. For all companies, small, big, and anywhere in the world, patisserie can be a real turnover booster.”

Discover Francis D’Hoore’s tips on how to benefit from the patisserie trend.

Tip 1: Create extra patisserie moments

A growing number of artisanal patissiers offer a seating area to increase on-site consumption. By offering afternoon or high teas, you create an extra moment in addition to the ‘normal’ coffee and tea moments.

The upswing of savoury products also creates extra patisserie moments. It gets consumers to eat pastries for lunch and during ‘snacking moments’ when they crave something savoury.

Tip 2: Benefit from (international) events

There are a lot of events worldwide that drive business in certain regions. Offering products that are linked to these events can bring extra opportunities for you as well. Think of Halloween, which barely existed in Europe 20 years ago. Now it’s extremely popular, and by offering special Halloween creations you can get a piece of the cake. Look at other countries for inspiration; Valentine’s Day for example is huge in Japan and Mother’s Day is huge in Latin America - take a look at what they offer.  

Tip 3: Offer smaller portions

Encouraged by the health trend, people prefer smaller portions to reduce their calorie intake. This may not sound as a business booster, but it can absolute be one, as the smaller sizes can trigger the consumer to try out different ones. And if one of these little bites tastes especially good, they might buy a ‘normal sized’ one for another occasion.


Tip 4: Be on top of trends

Be sure you are aware of the latest trends and adapt your products to the trends that suit your business best. There’s a lot going on in the world of patisserie today:

Authentic and exotic
Consumers want to discover new items. They want their food to be an adventure and look for unusual textures, sparkling new flavours and powerful storytelling: exotic, but authentic at the same time. See the article International Trends in Flavours to discover more striking flavour trends.

Patisserie as a luxury
Simultaneously with the wish for lighter texture and healthier patisserie, there’s a tendency for more indulgence. Patisserie is also a sign of prestige, people like to treat themselves to patisserie from a well-known patissier.

Use a glaze to brighten up your product and make it smooth and shiny. Try using colours that match your ingredients, or adapt the glaze to a theme, like Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

The use of fruit in patisserie is trending, including new types of fruits and more sour tastes: less sweet, less heavy. Also, don’t forget the power of local and seasonal fruits.

Chocolate in patisserie is very indulgent, has positive health connotations and is still growing in popularity all over the world.

Tip 5: Try savoury tastes

Savoury tastes are also gaining popularity. “Puffed pastry with cheese or cheese and meat was already popular in Latin American countries, and in Asia savoury tastes were also common for a longer time. But we expect savoury patisserie to grow in other regions as well.” Want to benefit from this trend? Flavour your products with ingredients like vegetables, herbs and spices. Combinations of sweet products (like fruit, chocolate, berries and coffee) mix very well with savoury ones like olives, pumpkin or beetroot. Don’t be afraid to test different combinations. You can only create the perfect flavour by trial-and-error, says Flavour Expert Catherine Vermeulen.

Tip 6: Show your craftmanship in the presentation of  your products

The more attractive the products, the more they radiate ‘quality’. That’s why consumers often buy their patisserie and sweet goods from an artisanal baker. However, they don’t want to buy premium products at a shop with an outdated interior. Make sure the interior of your shop is attractive and preferably ‘instagrammable’. “Depending on the products artisanal bakers offer, we see two directions: the artisan with a focus on the traditional artisanal touch (more rustic, more wood,  which provides authenticity) and on the other hand the design bakeries: modern, eclectic design stores where high end patisserie and chocolates are sold.

Tip 7: Offer specials

To maintain customer interest and drive repeat visits, a daily or weekly special could help. Don’t focus on price though, focus on new things. “Consumers today are eager to try out new things, so trigger them to buy something new. Focus on new products, like a new seasonal cake, or a product linked to an event or special occasion.”

Tip 8: Personalisation

Personalisation is trending. Every consumer has his own personal preferences and wants the goods he buys, including patisserie and sweet goods, to reflect his personal taste. To respond to this trend, make your products flexible. Let your guests decide which glaze, topping, dough or filling they want.

Tip 9: Innovate

Product innovation is hot. Lately, we’ve seen the upswing of hybrid products: classic products with an innovative twist. Think of Dominique Ansel’s world famous Cronut: a hybrid between a croissant and a donut. While traditional patisserie remains popular, many classics are reinvented: new tastes, flavours and colours are added.

Tip 10: Promote and sell online

Instagrammable food is a huge trend, and beautiful patisserie makes for a perfect picture. Your products don’t have to be extremely fancy; traditional recipes and authentic patisserie are also very photogenic and therefore perfect to promote and sell online. In just a couple of years, all your customers will expect to have that option.

Bonus tip: Tell the story!

Last but not least: good storytelling can give your turnover a real boost. Consumers are looking for a unique story. They want to know about the ingredients. So tell it to them if your eggs and cream are locally sourced and tell them how natural your ingredients are. History can play an important role in your story as well. Is that apple pie made after your grandfather’s recipe? Tell the story in your shop, on social media, and personally when you meet your customer at the counter.

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