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We can only live up to our promise of being a reliable partner in innovation with talented people. It are the people of Puratos who make us who we are and make our values come alive.

Puratos Magic has been at the heart of Puratos for 100 years. It is based on the values of quality, ethics, vision, courage, passion and team spirit. These values reflect how to interact with colleagues, with external business partners, and with stakeholders. They reflect how the Puratos Group believes business should be done in a responsible manner.

Our performances in 2019

  • Within the Puratos University, we organized 35 seminars (139 training days) to enable our business development teams to develop expertise on our products, technologies and solutions. In 2019, 567 employees have participated to these seminars. On top, all our employees in business development have access to over 20 online product courses. 
  • In relation to safety numbers 2019 was better than 2018 as the main indicators show a decrease of the LTIR (Lost Time Incidents Rate or number of accidents per 200.000 worked hours) from 0,956 end 2018 to 0,754 end 2019. Between 2011 and 2018, the number of accidents declined by 51% (from 146 to 71). Similarly, between 2011 and 2019, the number of days lost went from 3.861 to 1.749, or -55%. This despite an increase of worked hours from 50 % (12.292.006 hours in 2011 and 18.839.657 hours in 2019).

Our long-term objectives

  • Make every employee feel part of the Puratos Magic Family.

Continuous learning and curiosity are at the heart of our development. That is why we created our own Puratos University in 2006. The Puratos University offers top-quality content on our products, technologies and solutions. The university has campuses in Asia, Latin America and Europe, which provide training courses on the products, on functional capacities and leadership skills.

A new Guild learning programme has been developed for all Technical Advisors and Application Specialists worldwide with the aim to build world class expertise on finished goods and to cherish a knowledge sharing community where masters develop masters. The Guild programme offers multiple courses in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate expertise.

Strict standards and guidelines were developed related to safety, occupational health and employee well-being.

  • Employee well-being: Puratos monitors and updates benefits for employees and their families on a regular basis to encourage retention and to create a positive work environment. Puratos also provides regular health check-ups for all employees and foresees health insurance for all employees and their families to help them with their medical expenses.
  •  Safety: At Puratos we believe one accident is one to many. We strive to ensure an injury free environment in all our operations across the world. 

We firmly believe that people with different backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, skills, perspectives and ideas create a stronger organisation and that this leads to more innovation. Puratos is an equal opportunities employer that offers the same chances to all employees irrespective of their age, nationality, gender, sexuality or religion. Diversity within Puratos has already long been a reality, whether in relation to function, age, gender or nationality. There are 91 different nationalities within the Group and our headquarters is similarly multicultural: out of the 700 employees there, 28 nationalities are represented.

At Puratos we are committed to paying our employees fairly and competitively, in accordance with responsibility, performance and potential. Every employee’s total remuneration is based on the level and type of work they do (the position of an employee) and the performance/potential within the context of market benchmarking and budget guidelines.


Being a good local partner is vital to our corporate philosophy all around the world.

Annual Sustainability Report 2019

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