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Center for Bread Flavour

Health, taste and texture

Puratos is a family company that has been intimately involved in bakery for more than 100 years. In our efforts to be reliable partners in bakery innovations, we have engaged with end consumers across the world to find out what they want from their bread. At the Center for Bread Flavor, we share our finding of optimizing the health, taste and texture of your breads and bakery products.


Center for Bread Flavor

To locate all our knowledge and insights into bread and fermentation in one place, we opened the Center for Bread Flavor in Saint Vith, Belgium. It is our dedicated experience center for you to innovate your breads.

The Center for Bread Flavor is where our bread and bakery experts work to discuss the future of bread, and investigate how taste, flavor and fermentation influences the taste and texture of bread. Our goal is to be the place where the baking industry, scientists and Puratos employees gather to experience and exchange best practices, and work together to create finished goods with taste beyond your imagination.

It is where you — our customers — may come to perfect your recipes that precisely meet the needs and desires of your consumers, in your part of the world.

Maison du Levain and Sourdough library

Besides being right next to one of Puratos’ Sapore sourdough factories, the Center also houses a fully functioning bakery with all the equipment and ingredients you could possibly want, and our “Maison du Levain”. This is a place that’ll take you back 250 bakery generations into bread making’s past, and also lets you take a closer look as to what’s coming next.

Perhaps nothing illustrates our commitment to bread making more than the Puratos Sourdough Library. The only of its kind, the Puratos Sourdough Library exists to preserve the sourdough heritage and baking knowledge of the world, while also being the place where  significant sourdoughs are kept safe and healthy.

The idea is simple but important

If a baker wants to safely store a sample of their sourdough, they can bring it to the library, where its contents are analyzed and identified. Their sourdough are refreshed on a regular basis, and kept alive and kicking for future bakery generations.

The library is already home to a unique collection of over 100 sourdoughs from bakers across the globe and has contributed to the identification of over 1500 strains of micro-organisms.

Want to discuss your bread or bakery project?

If you would like to discuss how you can optimize the health, taste and texture of your bread, and know more about the work being done at our Center for Bread Flavor, please visit our Contact page.