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Topfil Finest

Over the years, consumption habits related to food have evolved. Taste has become the number 1 buying criteria. Consumers also expect their food to be healthy and made with ingredients, they recognize as coming from nature (like grains, fruit fillings, and superfruits).

Topfil Finest is the perfect balance between authentic taste & naturalness combined with the necessary performance for fresh & frozen patisserie & viennoiserie.

We don’t add anything unnecessarily. Instead, we merely rely on the natural goodness of the fruit that we carefully source from nature and process.

Inspire your creations thanks to our Topfil Finest, THE taste of nature.

Did you know?

Taste Tomorrow research shows:

  • 76% of consumers love traditional tastes.
  • 66% like to try food with different textures.
  • 20% look at the presence of e-numbers.
  • On food labels, 91% of consumers read the label information, mainly on ingredients and nutritional values.
  • 43% want to know where the ingredients or the product is coming from and if they contain preservatives.

Product characteristics

  • Fruit content: 70%
  • Varieties: Strawberry, Cherry & Banana
  • Ready to use & ready to bake
  • Freeze/thaw stable
  • Available in industrial packaging & 5 kg bucket
  • 9 months shelf life
  • Ambient storage
  • No preservative, no additive 

Consumer advantages

  • More fruits
  • Authentic taste
  • Unmatched fruit integrity
  • Less sweet
  • Clean Label: NAFNAC & preservative-free

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