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Brioche de Paris

Reveal a hidden part of the iceberg

Storytelling is much more than sharing some information about a product: it is bringing out all the magic around a product and giving to it an added value, and finally it is transporting the end-consumers in an unknown delightful universe!

Discover how to easily create brioche with Puratos ingredients

Even if the brioche has a traditional single recipe, you can express your imagination to invent your own version… Indeed, you have the complete and convenient mix Tegral Brioche to start all your brioche applications, but there is a lot of Puratos ingredients to help you make the difference: chocolate, fruit fillings, grains and seeds… An endless field for your creativity to explore!

For bakers, Brioche is the opportunity to reconnect with their customers by seducing with a nice heritage and history shared. For the consumer, it is the chance to taste a famous and emblematic treat from France, in addition to learn what is behind a such renowned sweet and soft bread.