Panning is a centuries old method for making small treats, that the French call dragées. Combine Belcolade, Chocolanté or Carat chocolate with nuts, (dried) fruits, coffee beans, cereals or other delicious centres for irresistible bite-size treats.

Product description

  • Method for making small treats, called dragées
  • Combine with nuts, dried fruits, coffee beans, or other centres

Consumers around the world are eating chocolate more than ever. Panning offers an easy entry into producing chocolate– or – a great way to innovate for customers who are already in the market. Simply apply a chocolate coating to any kind of small centre, and finish with all kinds of combinations of textures, colours and coatings. The possibilities are endless!

Partner with Puratos for easy access to everything you need to start making & selling panning. This includes our full range of chocolate, top quality machines, training, technical advice, after-sales support and marketing advice.

"It’s so easy to produce high volumes of dragées in a short timeframe, no technical skills required!"

Customer advantages
  • Full service solution
  • Easy to produce
  • Easy to sell
  • Profitable
Consumer advantages
  • Irresistible taste
  • So many flavours, colours & textures
  • Seasonal and themed chocolate
  • A treat for oneself, to share or to give

Discover the endless possibilities...

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