Our studies reveal that when consumers eat cake, freshness is their number one criterion when judging satisfaction. However, as the moment of consumption can be days, weeks or even months after production, preserving the freshness of packaged cakes can be a real challenge. The answer is Acti-Fresh, our ingenious solution for producing quality cakes with long lasting freshness.

Product description

  • Cake freshness improver
  • Increase sales & extend shelf-life thanks to it's proven positive effect on Freshness
  • Convenient powder solution which can be used in all cake applications

Acti-Fresh is an innovative solution based on enzyme and emulsifier technology. Since 2008, Acti-Fresh has been improving the freshness of various types of cakes including loaf and pound cakes, chocolate cakes, snack cakes, muffins and cake donuts. Acti-Fresh has a proven positive effect on the different parameters of cake freshness including softness, moistness, cohesiveness and resiliency. The result is premium quality cakes with extended shelf life which will lead to increased consumer satisfaction.

Customer advantages
  • Deliver qualitative and differentiated cakes
  • Increased sales
  • Improved margins
  • Greater export potential
Consumer advantages
  • Premium quality cakes
  • Fresher cakes at any moment of the shelf-life

Acti-Fresh product ranges include

Easy Acti-Fresh

Would you like to produce quality cakes with great appeal and enhanced freshness? Easy Acti-Fresh are innovative cake concentrates that act as the foundation of cakes and help you achieve outstanding cake quality every bake. Discover our range of 4 textures and deliver the quality your consumers crave for.

Cleaner Label Solutions

We also offer a range of enzyme-based cleaner label solutions. These provide enhanced freshness without requiring any modifications to existing labels

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