UHT Specialties

UHT Specialties

Our UHT Specialties are a range of products that provide convenience and quality for artisans, industries and supermarkets. Drawing on over 20 years’ experience, we offer superior UHT product performance combined with variety and taste.

What does UHT mean?

UHT stands for ‘Ultra High Temperature’. All our UHT products are heated for a few seconds at 145°C, killing all bacteria. This sterilisation process, combined with sterile packaging, means our products can then be stored at ambient temperatures (<20°C), bringing added convenience for customers.

What are the advantages of UHT-technology?

  • Easy to use: no need for cooled/frozen storage or transport
  • Safe: all products are sterilised and free of bacteria
  • Long-lasting: shelf life of nine months or more

Our UHT specialties can be used across a range of applications for bakery and patisserie products.

Our UHT specialties are ready-to-use products, which all have the benefits of UHT-technology. These products will help to save time.

The UHT-specialties by Puratos include Sunset Glaze (UHT egg wash substitute), Dulcerio (flavouring syrup for cakes) and Fabuloso (RTU custard cream).


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