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Non-dairy toppings

Meeting the needs of today’s demanding customer, non-dairy toppings are increasing in popularity around the world.

Innovation & differentiation

Puratos Non-Dairy Toppings enable you to differentiate your products through taste and innovation. In fact, they are often considered the taste benchmark in certain global markets.

They can be used pure or can be mixed to create your own recipes: 

  • With all kinds of flavours: to create your ‘personal’ whipped topping
  • With custard cream: to create a light vanilla flavoured filling
  • With fruit fillings: to create the most delicate mousses
  • With dairy cream: to add additional performance

Benefits of Non-Dairy Toppings

Cost & efficiency
  • Whipping yield of up to 400%, which means lower cost-of-use
  • Excellent stability over time, leading to extended application shelf life
  • Superb freeze-thaw stability, perfect for frozen patisserie
  • Tolerance to overwhipping, which increases efficiency and reduces risk of waste
Peace of mind with UHT technology

All Puratos non-dairy toppings are produced using UHT technology. In combination with an aseptic packaging, this technology protects the products giving you additional food safety and constant quality. This provide you with the following benefits:

  • Can be stored & transported at room temperature (max 20°C/68°F), so no need for storage or transport in a freezer or refrigerated environment.
  • Longer shelf life, with an average shelf life of 9 months
  • Stable color

Toppings are cholesterol and TFA free. In addition to our standard products, Puratos also offers nonhydrogenated or RSPO products. We have products suitable for vegan customers (Ambiante & Splendid) as well as customers looking to reduce the sugar content in their recipes (Festipak).

Non-dairy toppings



A non-dairy topping excellent for cake decoration with an exceptional overrun, plant-based.


A multi-purpose non-dairy topping with a neutral taste profile & a creamy mouthfeel.


A non-dairy topping excellent for cake decoration with ultimate stability, plant-based.


Passionata, with a passion for dairy taste.


A multi-purpose non-dairy topping with delicate notes of vanilla & a light and fresh mouthfeel.


An unsweetened multi-purpose non-dairy topping.


A non-dairy topping with a delicious touch of vanilla.

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