Bread improver for Frozen Bread

The Puratos range of improvers for frozen bread products includes our Double Bake / Bakevit, Quick Step and Kimo improvers. Increasing dough tolerance and helping to prevent typical defects from the freezing process, these improvers enable optimal freezer shelf life and final bread quality.

What are the advantages of using Puratos Improvers?

Our improvers for frozen bread products enable you to:

  • Increasing dough tolerance
  • Prevent typical defects within the freezing process
  • Optimise freezer shelf life
  • Enhance final bread quality

For consumers, this means:

  • Improved freshness
  • Improved quality consistency at point of sale
Frozen bread process
Supermarket frozen bread

Our frozen bread improver products include:

ParBaked frozen solutions

ParBaked frozen solutions for the most convenient bake-off at point of sale. With only a bake-off required, you’ll be able to provide warm bakery products throughout the day for consumers to enjoy.

In addition, our DOUBLE BAKE improver solutions are designed to support the best crust quality without any of the defects often seen with the freezing process.

For fully colored parbaked breads breads and rolls, a quick bake-off is enough to deliver a fresh crusty product - anytime, anywhere. The latest BAKEVIT technology provides perfect crust coloration for a short bake-off with no crust flaking.

Pre-Fermented frozen solutions

Pre-Fermented frozen solutions provide fresh bread quality with only point-of-sale baking required. It’s the easiest way to make fresh bakery products available for demanding consumers throughout the day.

QUICK STEP improver solutions provide cutting-edge ingredient technology, giving you consistent quality through superior dough tolerance and peace of mind during full freezer-shelf-life.


Pre-fermented frozen bread improver

Un-Fermented frozen solutions

Un-Fermented frozen solutions make a baker’s life easier. Bringing convenience for (in-store) bakeries, they still require thawing, proofing and baking at point of sale for a truly fresh baked quality. Our KIMO improver solutions have led the market since 1982, providing consistent quality due to superior strength, and providing total peace of mind during full freezer shelf life.

Beyond the Frozen challenge

Beyond the Frozen Challenge

Beyond the Frozen Challenge is all about how inspiration and shared passion can stretch the boundaries of the frozen bakery world. 

The purpose of Puratos with this initiative is to use our passion for frozen bakery to benefit the business of our customers.

As a result, we organize workshops to share experiences and knowledge with you: unveil the future of frozen bakery and identify the central role of innovation, reflect upon the latest consumer trends and technology developments and tackle industry hot topics such as clearer label and sustainability.

We would pride ourselves to be your reliable partners in innovation; work together with courage and team spirit, turning technologies and experiences around the world into new ways to improve your business. Shared recipes are developed with Puratos latest frozen bakery ingredients, innovative processes and cutting-edge food-pairing associations.

  • Get inspired by our recipes and new concepts to indulge your customers even more. Download our Recipe Booklet
  • To find out more about our frozen bakery solutions and the 'Beyond the Frozen Challenge', please visit our Contacts

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