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Fruit Fillings

At Puratos, we get just as excited about great end products as you do. We have a wide range of fruit fillings available to answer your needs.

Puratos Fruit Fillings

You harvest the fruits

Discover how our wide range of fruit fillings, packed with up to 90% of top-quality fruit, can make your creations look delicious and taste better. From apples to blueberries, we help you harvest the best of what nature has to offer and use it to make your imagination come true.

From Field to Fork in Belgium

Check out our latest movie about the Jonagold Apple. From the apple orchards in Belgium, to delicious apple fillings in the end products at our customers.

At Puratos we value all the different aspects of our fruit fillings business: natural taste, sourcing expertise, great performance and excellent consumer understanding. Please find below more information about these topics including the latest news.


Harvest the fruit

Puratos works with its farmers throughout the year so you can enjoy fruit of just the right texture and flavour. We are sure your customers, like you, will be able to see and taste the difference.


Harvest the fruit of naturalness

We are passionate to help you produce great end products. It’s why we insist our fruit fillings are as natural as they can be, as if they’ve gone directly from field to fork. Together, we are able to deliver products that are honest, reliable and packed full of fruit, showcasing your craftsmanship and skill.

From Field to Fork in Mexico


Harvest the fruit of exceptional bake stability

With many years of experience in pastry, we have created a range of Fruit Fillings that are perfect for every application you might think of. This means you can now deliver the creations you have always imagined.

Consumer Insights

Harvest the fruit of better consumer insights

With Puratos as a partner, you get access to our most recent consumer insights. Our research confirms that fruit fillings are the most sought after ingredients in a pastry. Did you know that 64% of consumers believe that fruit fillings are healthy while 92% believe they add to the taste?

Blue Berry Fruit Fillings

For its fruit fillings, Puratos is carefully selecting the fruit varieties that bring a natural taste and are the most suitable for processing. Check out our Field to Fork movie on wild blueberries from Latvia.


Vivafil, the new generation of fruit fillings, lets you create the product of your dreams. Whatever the production process, Vivafil stays right where you want it, while also keeping its fresh appearance and natural fruit taste.


Topfil is packed with up to 90% fruit pieces and is the perfect solution for consumers looking for more natural food.