Organic Smoked Knot

With its organic ingredients, overnight fermentation, organic sourdough flavours and smoked, sprouted grains I wanted to create a bread with a superior taste. The future of bread lies in its past and this is what this Organic Smoked Knot is all about.

Made like in the old days

In 37 BC, Horace wrote in his personal diary that he was seduced by the unique and natural taste of the best breads in the world. In those days, breads were made with little ingredients and a lot of time.

Now, more than 2000 years later, I’ve baked this bread in the same traditional way. The bread is made with just a few 100% organic ingredients, long fermentation and flavours from sourdough. You will enjoy a crusty bread with a unique taste and texture.

Authentic ingredients

Centuries ago, Russian and Chinese folks were already sprouting grains and beans. Sprouting allowed them to enjoy many health benefits such as avoiding scurvy disease or allow pre-digestion.

In this bread I’ve used sprouted and fermented rye kernels. These grains are rich in fibers and bring you all the benefits of wholegrains. Taste-wise it brings honey and malted notes to the bread. Since the grains have been fermented, they have a unique sweet taste. And in order to further enhance the taste, I’ve smoked the sprouted grains with wood chips. You can smell this delicious aroma in the bread.

Created by Morgan

Hi, my name is Morgan Clementson and I’m the baker that created this Organic smoked knot for you. Originally I’m from Australia, and I only started my Bakery career at the age of 27. Before finding my true passion, I worked in a variety of industries ranging from Automotive to Website Design. However, after completing my Bakery and Patisserie course and winning over 25 awards in Australia including The Australian Training Awards NSW Apprentice of the Year and being Runner up in the National Awards I packed my bags and headed for Europe.

Today I work as an International Demonstrator for Puratos where I give demonstrations, customer support and Technical advisor trainings.

“This bread was made by hand, with love and passion for baking. I hope you’ll enjoy it!”

Discover how your bread was created

Nutritional values

Nutritional value
Energy: 249 Kcal

Energy: 1040 Kj

Fat: 0,9 g

Of WHICH Saturates: 0,2 g

Carbohydrates: 51,3 g

Of WHICH Sugars: 3,0 g

Fibers: 3,8 g

Protein: 6,9 g

Salt: 1,1 mg