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Patisfrance Starfruit

Pasteurized fruit purées to use as flavour or filling in your creations.

Product description

  • Fruit puree
  • No aroma, no colorant and no preservative
  • Flash pasteurized to keep all the flavors
  • Available in doypack of 1 kg
  • Ambient storage
  • Shelf life of 14 months

Our Starfruit fruit purées are composed of 90% fruit and 10% sugar. The fruits are harvested at best maturity. The purees are flash pasteurized to maximally preserve the aroma and the color of the fruit. They are ideal to flavor all your preparations. You can use them also as fillings or in verrines or cocktails.

Ready to use with easy packaging. Store in a dry and cool place (5-15°C). After opening, to store max 8 days at 0/+4°C

Customer advantages
  • 100% puree, without pieces
  • NAFNAC & Preservative Free
  • Freeze Thaw stable
  • Easy to use packaging, with a cap
  • Easy to store at room temperature
Consumer advantages
  • NAFNAC & Preservative Free
  • Low in sugar (10%)

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