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Soft'r Melting

Soft’r Melting technology is an improver solution that allows you to create the perfect melting texture for medium and sweet bread applications, from the day they are made to the end of their shelf life.

Product description

  • Improver solution that allows you to create the perfect melting texture
  • Used for medium and sweet bread applications
  • Increase shelf life of medium to sweet bakery goods

As soft sweet baked products such as donuts and panettone become ever more popular, producers are under pressure to deliver quality goods with better texture and longer-lasting freshness. That is why Puratos created Soft’r Melting, a technology solution that enhances the freshness of sweet bakery products by increasing the softness, moistness, short bite and resilience of baked goods, from the beginning until the end of shelf life. Soft’r Melting also creates a melting sensation that will make your bread products seem even more indulgent than ever.

Thanks to Soft’r Melting you can now create products with a more enjoyable texture, a longer shelf life, and – since the breads remain fresher for longer – lower levels of waste.

Health & Well-Being
Clean(er) label
Customer advantages
  • Offers the perfect moistness, softness, resilience and short bite
  • A longer shelf life
  • Reduced waste as the breads remain fresher for longer
  • Geographic expansion of your distribution/retail network
Consumer advantages
  • Breads that melt in the mouth
  • A fresher melting texture until the end of shelf life
  • A wider range of products to choose from

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Soft'r Melting

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