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Multec emulsifiers improve the aspect, texture and overall quality of bakery and patisserie products. Multec emulsifiers also add robustness to the production process of these baked goods.

Product description

  • Emulsifier improving your bakery or patisserie products
  • Affect appearance, texture and structure of foods

Emulsifiers are a key ingredient in the manufacture of quality bread improvers, but they are also used in many other areas of the food industry. Emulsifiers affect the appearance, texture and structure of foods, while also helping to maintain quality and freshness.

Our emulsifiers are based on oil from vegetable origin only. Predominantly, palm oil and rapeseed oil are used. Puratos supports the use of sustainable palm, being RSPO certified ‘Mass Balance’ and ‘Segregated’.

Customer advantages
  • Increased stability and machinability of the dough
  • Crumb softening
  • Waste reduction
Consumer advantages
  • Superior eating properties
  • A perfect crispy bite
  • Consistent quality

Multec product ranges include

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