Chocolate, cocoa and nut-based fillings

fillings Discover delicious chocolate, cocoa and nut based fillings, Solutions for patissiers, bakers and chocolatiers.

Fillings for delighful and creative chocolates, patisserie

Cocoa and nut based fillings are the ideal product to enhance the taste of your brownies, chocolates, donuts, muffins, chocolate macarons, tarts, croissants, pain au chocolat and a whole range of popular patisserie and bakery items.

Puratos has developed many different cocoa and nut based fillings for artisans, supermarkets and industry. Cryst-o-fil, for example, is a stable chocolate preparation to create fillings with a great chocolate taste and long shelf life. It brings large chocolatiers many advantages:

  • Extends shelf life of traditional fillings
  • Easily incorporates with other ingredients
  • Allows creations of new textures and shapes of chocolates

The tastes your customers crave

The Puratos Carat range of fillings are made with cocoa powder, nuts, milk powder, vegetable oil/fat and sugar. They provide the world’s best-loved tastes, such as nut, sweet nut, mild cocoa/nut and intense cocoa.

The range includes:

  • Supercrem: the multipurpose fillings
  • Kimocrem: the bake stable fillings
  • Filocrem: the easy to inject fillings
Carat products are designed for the needs of bakery and patisserie producers, in order to satisfy the desires of consumers:
  • No preservatives or hydrogenated fats
  • Flexibility to use before or after baking
  • Outstanding tastes loved around the globe
  • Retain desirable appearance and texture
  • Easy to spread and ideal for injection and extrusion

Perfect for biscuits, donuts, buns, cakes, croissants and brioches, you can use cocoa and nut based fillings from Puratos for almost limitless applications.

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