Bread flavours and sourdoughs

Sourdoughs Discover the secrets of bread flavours. Sourdough mixes, starter cultures and natural flavours create customer favourites. Puratos brings leading solutions.

Taste the world with sourdoughs and breads

Bread flavours are a key decision-making factor for customers, influencing and shaping their buying habits.

A trend in the modern bakery industry is the pressure for reduced fermentation time in order to increase productivity. Unfortunately this can lead to a loss of bread flavour. To recapture traditional bread flavours, Puratos develops ready-to-use flavours and sourdoughs.

The micro-organisms that determine the taste and flavour of a sourdough are wild yeasts and lactic acid bacteria (‘friendly bacteria’) that is present in flour and in the environment. Different bacteria create different natural flavours and aromas.

Where can I buy bread flavours and sourdoughs?

Puratos has developed a leading range of products to create popular bread flavours from around the world.

Some example :

Sapore Fidelo –
Sapore Tosca –
Sapore Aroldo –
Sapore Othello –

The Sapore solution from Puratos brings consistency and the opportunity for flavour diversification. With Sapore, the industrial bakery, artisan or supermarket has a convenient taste solution with:

  • Ready to use ingredient
  • Applicable for every bakery process
  • Quality assurance
  • All natural ingredients

    Rely on natural sourdoughs, starter cultures, natural flavours and yeast derivatives to delight consumers with traditional and authentic flavours.

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